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chief medical officer Beverly Crusher

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gates McFadden
Cheryl Gates McFadden
2 March 1949 -

chief medical officer Beverly Crusher
[Season 1] & [Season 3 - 7]

About the character:
Beverly Crusher (2324) is married with Jack R. Crusher and together they have the son Wesley. Jack dies in duty and it is his friend, Jean-Luc Picard, who notifies her and Wesley about what has happened.

Four years before the death of her husband she is fully trained as doctor and gets fourteen years later the job as chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. But after only one year she gets the position as chief of the Starfleets medical facility on Earth, but Wesley, who is ensign, stays behind. But she is only in the new job for a year and returns as chief medical officer on the Enterprise. A position that in a year has been occupied by Katherine Pulaski.

When Beverly Crusher is not on duty, she has her motherly concerns for her teenage son, Wesley. Often she drinks morning coffee with captain Jean-Luc Picard. Beverly plays cards with William Riker, Data, Geordi La Forge, Worf, and Deanna Troi.

About the actor:
Gates McFadden has mostly worked with theater and was before she joined "Star Trek: The Next Generation", puppeteer for Jim Henson (the man behind the muppet puppets). In his production company she also tries other things like being instructor of choreography on the movie "Labyrinth" in 1986. But the beginning of her career has been serious studies among others on the New York University Graduate School of the Arts. In New York Gates McFadden plays some theater, but has also directed some productions herself. Before "Star Trek: The Next Generation" she is credited as Cheryl McFadden.

She has also made a few minor parts in movies and TV series. So the peak of her career has been the character as doctor Beverly Crusher. Already during the production of season 1, Rick Berman, one of the producers behind "Star Trek: The Next Generation", shows his dissatisfaction in the way, Gates McFadden plays her part as Beverly Crusher. She tries to improve her acting, but in spite of that she is fired with the notice of not having been able to play her character and develop it in proportion to her fellow actors. So she is written out of the script as season 2 begins, which provokes a good number of protest letters addressed to Paramount demanding the return of Gates McFadden to the series. And so she does from season 3 but demands, that at least 3 episodes each season has a plot circling about her character, Beverly Crusher.

Two years after the death of Gene Roddenberry in 1991 Gates McFadden along with Majel Barrett (the wife of Gene Roddenberry) are trying to gain control on the rights for the unused ideas of Gene Roddenberry to ensure his visions. But it can only be done, when the rights expires, because the producer Rick Berman, who since the death of Gene Roddenberry has taken over his universe, has in the meantime ensured, that the rights stays within Paramount. In spite of that Gates McFadden has in September 1993, along with several angry Gene Roddenberry supporters, a meeting with Rick Berman, who is of the oppinion, that it makes more viewers with the ideas of Gene Roddenberry belonging to Paramount.

When "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as planned has conluded after its season 7 in 1994, Gates McFadden continues later the same year her character as Beverly Crusher in the movie Star Trek: Generations.

Has directed the following episodes:
Star Trek: The Next Generation
"Genesis" (171)

Has appeared in:
1987:           "The Cosby Show" - tv series
                      episode "Cliff's 50th Birthday" (69)

1987 - 1988: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - tv series
                      [Season 1]

1989 - 1994: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - tv series
                      [Season 3 - 7]

1992:           "L.A. Law " - tv series
                      episode "Steal It again, Sam" (119)

1990:           "The Hunt for Red October" - movie

1992:           "L.A. Law" - tv series
                      episode "Steal It Again, Sam" (118)

1994:           "Star Trek: Generations" - movie

1996:           "Star Trek: First Contact" - movie

1998:           "Star Trek: Insurrection" - movie

2002:           "Star Trek: Nemesis" - movie


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